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On-Site Installation

After having configured the Cloud IPBX through the web portal, we now enter into the second phase of the deployment: the on-site installation.

This phase consists of the on-site deployment of terminals (or end-points). They include IP phones (hardphones), analog adapters (for fax or other legacy analog terminals) and softphones on devices such as PCs/Macs, Smartphones, Tablets…

In order to make this on-site installation, we strongly recommend to use automatic provisioning. It indeed avoids having to manually configure the terminal themselves. It is a big time saver, is much more secure and allows to replace a broken terminal without having to reconfigure it.

The main steps of the on-site installation are as follows:

  • Infrastructure preparation
  • Phone connection
  • Phone manual provisioning (not recommended)
  • Testing
  • Information to the users about their new telephony system