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The purpose of this documentation is to assist our Partners and our Customers on the following aspects of our cloud-based IP telephony service:

  1. Business Telephony
    • Configuration of the cloud PBX through the administration web portal. This includes the creation and management of users, voice mails, groups, IVRs, call flows (the way calls should be handled) etc.
    • Auto-provisioning of the supported terminals (phones and analog adapters)
  2. On-site Installation:
    • Preparation of the infrastructure (eventual adjustments to the firewall, eventual creation of a separate VLAN for voice, eventual addition of a dedicated Internet connection etc.)
    • Physical installation of phones and analog adapters (fax) etc.
    • Manual provisioning of the non-provided terminals (phones and analog adapters)
  3. End-User Portal:
    • ​For the end-user who wants to manage his/her own extension through the end-user web portal
    • Management of the end-user’s own extension

Note that our service also contains a powerful API for developers who want to interact with our platform.