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This online test simulates VoIP traffic between your PC and our VoIP servers. It is to be used as a quick test to evaluate if your current infrastructure would support ALLOcloud IP telephony. Keep in mind that it is only on snapshot at the time of the test and that your data utilization pattern may vary and impact your VoIP capability.

Network connection
  • Connect your PC to the WIRED network (running the test on a Wi-Fi network gives erroneous results)
Install the plug-in matching the Operating System of your PC
Enter the appropriate data
  • Number of simultaneous calls required (if you have 2 ISDN BA’s the value should be set to 4) and take into account the internal calls (one internal call has a value of 2)
  • Test length (the longer is the better but test will take more time)
  • Press the “Apply” button
Launch the test
  • Press the Start Button